“The Fruit Solution”

“About Us”

It all started 15 years ago when we were honored to work under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King Bhumipol Adulyadej called "Wang Nam Li orchard". It was where the famous "Mahachanok Mangoes" were originated from.This has paved our way into agricultural where our first step was selling quality fruits and vegetables.

Throughout the years we have used technology and professional management to improve and increase productivity.We guarantee the highest quality standard of our fruit exported to other countries by ensuring it freshness as well as quality imported fruits that we sell throughout all channels locally.

Our ultimate goal is to become a "Fruit Solution" under different brands. Each has its own quality assurance. It is our mission to provide quality fruits at reasonable price to customer worldwide.


Thai AC Interfresh Co., Ltd. specialises in exporting quality fruits from Thailand to China, Taiwan, USA and Middle Eastern countries. Thai AC Interfresh works closely with standardised quality farmers through the northern, eastern and southern region of Thailand. Our main produce are Durian, Longan, Banana, Mangosteen, Orange and Coconut.

ACT FAST Co., Ltd. is inspired to provide a one-stop logistic solution. We are motivated to deliver not only parcels and packages but we deliver confidence and friendship. We will make sure containers arrive at ports safely and timely. It is our mission to connect local produce/products and people beyond border. We will deliver AEC produce/product to the world and will bring produce/product from all over the world to AEC.